Due to the popularity of WordPress and Huge Open Source Community behind WordPress many new Plugins and Themes have been continue to arrive and WordPress is evolving Rapidly.So it becomes a tedious job to find a good plugin from the highly crowded place.

In this post I have highlighted some of the plugins that you might have missed in recent past.

1. Edit Flow


If you run a website which has many contributors then this is a right plugin for you to maintain the Work Flow.It has features like private discussion on the post,Notification to subscribe posts,Article status etc.

Its a must have plugin for community blogs.Some of the famous blogs like WPBeginner uses Edit flow.

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2.Post PDF Export

Post-PDF-ExportMost of the magazine and news websites provides a PDF download buttons in posts but it has some drawbacks like improper content layout and alignment.Here is a perfect solution for you.

Post to PDF plugin will help you to export your content as PDF from the admin panel.You will get a clean PDF which is best for reading without any distraction

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3.Always Remember Me

always-remember-me-pluginI always forget to check the Remember Me option when I login to WordPress admin panel,this often annoys me because I maintain several other WordPress blog so every time I have to login with the password.Always Remember me plugin came as a perfect solution for me.

After activating this plugin the Always Remember me option will be automatically checked while login and extends the login expiry period to one year instead of 14 days.

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4.Easy Digital Downloads

easy-digital-downloadsThis plugin is useful for managing paid Digital downloads like songs,Ebooks etc.It comes with several features like Paypal integration,Digital Cart system,Payment History,Coupon system etc.

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5.Co-Authors Plus

Co-Authors-PlusWith this plugin you can give byline credit to multiple authors without creating accounts for multiple authors.You can also create a co-authors template page to list all the authors.

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6.Error Notification

Error notification plugin will be very useful to get complaints from your readers regarding the Errors in your blogs such as Typo.This plugin will add a line at the end of the post which will link to the error reporting page.

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7.Moderator Role

baw-moderator-roleNow you can easily enable other registered users in your blog to allow moderating comments.This plugin will add a new user role called Moderator which you can assign to other user in WordPress users Options.

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ideas-wordpress-pluginYou never know when you will get an post idea so its better to note it down before you forget it.There are many ways to do it like using traditional diary,Notepads etc.Here is plugin which will add a new feature in WordPress Dashboard to add new post ideas with Idea title and small description.

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Premium Plugins

I have just listed two of my favorite premium plugins which you will surely find useful.Again no affiliate links :)

9.Coming Soon Pro

banner-coming-soon-proI use this plugin in many of my blogs.With this plugin you can easily switch your website to maintenance mode where readers will be notified with the custom maintenance page template.If you are thinking to launch new blog then I want you to try this plugin.

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pippityPippity is a WordPress Popup plugin to get more newsletter subscribers.Its integrated with many clean and attractive templates which will tease your readers to signup.You can take a demo of pippity here before you spend your money on this plugin.

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Thats all I have for you in this post,Below you can leave your comments about this post.

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  1. Kabenlah Cudjoe says

    Some insightful plugins. All those plugins above are all new to me and it’s fun learning about new things.

  2. says

    I have not heard any plugin which you mentioned here before read this article. I will check your plugin list. Thanks for sharing this kind of uncommon but useful plugins. :-)

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