A great way to improve the performance of your WP site is to cache your files to enhance speed and load time. If you work in WordPress often, you probably know that there’s a plugin for almost anything, including caching. WP Super Cache is a popular and reliable plugin that can be used to cache your site’s files and, in the process, speed your site way up.

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 4.35.41 PM


The plugin can be installed and configured very easily. Once set up, it’ll serve static files to anonymous users, and users who haven’t commented before, so most of your users will see static files, which load more quickly and efficiently than non-cached files. Even users who aren’t served static files will still benefit from the plugin in some way, because they’ll be served a different cached file, that while not as efficient as a static file, still has a better load-time than an uncached file. Just remember — if you’re using this plugin and making changes to your site, you and your users may not see any changes (particularly style changes) until after you clear your cache, which couldn’t be easier to do. To clear your site’s cache, simply hover over the WP Super Cache menu, click “Clear Cache” on the dropdown menu, and you’re all set!


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