One of the main complaints that developers often lodge against WordPress is that compared to other content management systems (like Drupal, for example), WordPress isn’t super dynamic and doesn’t offer a lot of inherent functionalities. What WordPress has in ease of use and user-friendliness, it lacks in overall functionalities. Basically, with WordPress, you’re quite limited in terms of the types of content you can display and how you’re able to customize it and display it. However, if you want to add more functionality and custom fields to your pages and posts, there is a relatively easy way to do so.

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The Advanced Custom Fields plugin allows you to add dozens of different custom fields to your posts and pages, which has the potential to seriously increase the functionality of your WordPress site. The types of custom fields you can add to your site include (but aren’t limited to): a custom text or textarea field, a password field, a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, image or file uploads, select menus, checkboxes, radio inputs, a true/false field, a Google Maps field, and so, so much more. Being able to add the options for all of these custom fields to your posts and pages really increases the amount of things you can do with your site, and can also potentially increase your site’s user experience. If you’ve been wondering if there’s an easy way to add more functionality to WordPress, this might be the plugin for you.

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