If you’ve got a WordPress site and you want to add a slider to it, you’re pretty lucky, because WordPress has got tons of plugin options for adding a slider to your pages and posts. One of the most popular free slider plugins (and arguably one of the best) is called Meta Slider. It comes with options for four different types of responsive jQuery sliders to add to your site, several different theme options for the slider styles, transition effects, usage modes, and more.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 6.11.08 AM

It’s easy to use, featuring a simple setup, it’s shortcode enabled, and it has an intuitive dashboard (you can order the slides with a drag and drop feature). It’s fast, features intelligent image cropping so you know that your image quality isn’t being compromised, and (our favorite part), it’s lightbox enabled. With the addition of the Meta Slider Lightbox plugin (also free!) you can have a slider with a lightbox on your WordPress site in no time.

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