Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are an open-source framework that was developed to make mobile web browsing quicker and more lightweight. AMP are the latest innovation in optimizing sites for mobile use, and because it was developed so recently, there aren’t a whole lot of options that provide AMP support on your sites. Fortunately for WordPress developers, there’s a great plugin by Automatic that will provide AMP support to your WordPress site in a few easy steps.



The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project plugin makes every post on your site AMP compatible. Simply activate the plugin and add ‘/amp’ to the end of any post’s URL to see it in action. The AMP version of your pages should be simple, sleek and uniform that are creating using AMP approved HTML, JavaScript, and inline styling — all applied dynamically by Automattic’s handy plugin. Once it’s activated, Google should fetch the AMP version of your sites when any of your posts are accessed from a Google search.

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