wordpress-traffic-pluginsPageviews are the most important metric to define the success of any blog.There are many ways to increase the pageviews like advertising,SEO etc but the method I am going to explore here is : manipulating your reader to read more number of articles.

Apart from increased pageviews another great advantage of this method is : It decreases the bounce rate,Which is one of the important criteria to rank well in search results.

The best way to manipulate your reader is by showing what to do next.For example if the reader is reading about Tourism in India then you can show them articles like Places to visit in India etc.

Most of the news websites effectively use this method to get drive huge volume of traffic.So lets explore some of the finest plugins available for WordPress which helps to increase pageviews of your blog.


uPrev plugin can be used to display flyout or fade box,when the reader reaches end of the article.You can see live demo of this plugin by scrolling to end of this article.


uPrev Flyout of WPStuffs

uPrev is one of the highly customizable plugin I ever used,The design of the box can be easily customized with custom css and many inbuilt settings.

You can use this plugin to display previous articles in a category or a tag.WIth the help of YARP WordPress plugin,its also possible to display related posts with thumbnails.

You can get uPrev plugin from WordPress repository,after installation the settings can be configured by visiting Dashboard >> Appearance >> uPrev

I can write a whole new article about uPrev but I want you to explore this wonderful plugin by yourself.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget

Before talking about this plugin,Scroll to the end of the article and watch the left sidebar.

Yep,Thats what this plugin can do.

You can easily make any widget as a fixed widget by checking option called “Fixed widget” which is located near the Widget Save option.


fixed widget settings

You can get Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin from WordPress repository and there are very few setting you need to configure.You can mange settings at Dashboard >> Appearance >> Fixed Widget Options.

nRelate Related Posts/Popular Posts

This might be the most used method but I found it as least effective.As most popular Tech blog does,this plugin will show the list of popular posts or related posts at the end of the post with or without thumbnails.

The good thing about is : it really looks cool and there are plenty of styling options but the bad part is you need to depend on nRelate website to crawl your website and whenever the user clicks on the link it leads to nRelate website before redirecting to your blog post.

Download nRelate Related Posts and nRelate Popular posts.The bonus fact is you can make some money with this plugin but it may reduce your site speed.


nRelate Related Posts

Over to you

Though many argue that using too many plugins can slow down your blog,but the fact is you can even install hundred’s of well coded plugins but even a single poorly coded plugin can bring you more damage.I would like you to try all the above plugins to see which one gives you more pageviews.


  1. says

    I am already using the interlinking and related posts techniques to increase my page views, it really worked. Now I will sure try the other two plugins you recommende. Thank you.

  2. says

    Hi Vivek,

    I don’t know if is is my browser (Chrome) but I scrolled up and down the page and nothing happened, unlike what you were mentioning above about the Q2W3 Fixed Widget. What is it supposed to do? Or do you mean that the widget stays in position until you reach the end of the post? Because if you mean that, yes, that looks very neat.
    Jacobus recently posted…Raise money with Crowdfunding WordPress ThemesMy Profile

  3. says

    Just installed upPrev and Q2W3 Fixed Widget thanks for sharing the plugins,i have tried lots of plugins but never was satisfied with them and whenever i ask someone to please share the name of plugins they are using they never did it.
    Janmejai recently posted…Top 10 Low Price SmartphonesMy Profile

  4. says

    Hey Vivek,

    The Q2W3 fixed widget is awesome. I’ve always wondered how Neil Patel of Quick Sprout and other famous bloggers do the side scroll widget. I’m going to have to give this a try.

    I used to use a plugin like nRelate but I took it down because I realized although it is increasing the total number of page views it is decreasing the number of sign ups.

    Very unheard of plugins. Great post :)

    - Mark T.


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