Bloggers life is very unique and consists of ups and down.Here is my effort to depict the life of bloggers in funny way.Hope you enjoy it.

This page contains lot of GIF images,So wait for a while to completely load up.

When you decided to Install WordPress

Install WordPress

When you try various WordPress Themes

New WordPress theme

When you got Idea for your first blog post

New blog post

Start writing your First Post

Start New blog post

How you feel Halfway through the post

Halfway through the post

After two long hours you finally finished the post

finished the post

Your Post goes live but no one is noticing your blog

noticing your blog

You start to read traffic strategies of Pro bloggers

Pro bloggers

Thinking through traffic generation ideas yourself

traffic generation ideas

Someone finally gives an excellent idea to generate traffic

generate traffic

How you feel when people are finally noticing your blog

Get noticed

When you see your Adsense earnings report after traffic exploding

Adsense Earnings

Relaxed but When you start to think about next blog post idea

Next post

Finally taking the day off from your blog

Taking Day off
All the Images are obtained through thecodinglove.I sincerely thank them.

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