Are you looking to add support on your WordPress site for another (or maybe several other) languages? It’s possible to add this support yourself, if you happen to be proficient enough in any of the languages you’d like your site to support, but even if you are multi-lingual, the process of adding multi-lingual support to your sites can be long and grueling. If you’re not up for putting in all the extra work, why not let a plugin do it for you?

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 1.08.44 PM


The WordPress Multilingual Plugin, while not free like most of the plugins we feature on this site, is a great resource for someone looking to add multilingual support to their sites. If multilingual support is something you’re serious about, it’s probably worth the investment. The plugin offers support to┬átranslate whole pages and posts into over 40 languages — and it even supports language variants like Canadian French or Mexican Spanish, and allows you to store different language contents in the same, different, or sub domains. All of your translations can be done within the WordPress dashboard. The plugin is fully supported by most WordPress themes and even offers affordable translation services should you need them.

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