You never ever want to find yourself in a situation where your server crashes and you’ve lost all your content forever. That’s probably every developer or website manager’s worst nightmare. A good and easy way to prevent this from happening is by backing up your site periodically. If you don’t know this already, backing up your site is super important — you’ll never regret doing it but you could definitely regret not doing it, and you never want to find yourself in that situation. Luckily, backing up your site is really easy, especially with the Updraft Plugin.

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With the Updraft plugin, you can set automatic backups for your WordPress site without having to do much work. You can backup to the cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc, and the plugin gives you the option to restore your site with one single click. Updraft is the highest ranking backup plugin for WordPress, so if it’s trusted by so many people, it’s gotta be good and reliable. You can use it to set up an automatic backup or you can choose to manually back up your site. If your site is large, you can split the backup into multiple different archives. Since backing up your site is one of the most important things you can do as a website manager, why not do it using a plugin that makes the whole process quick and easy?

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