If your site has a decent amount of traffic, chances are that you’re monetizing that traffic in some way, be it with sponsored posts, affiliate links, or display ads. If you’re using display ads, chances are that you’re probably using Google AdSense in some capacity. Not everyone uses AdSense, but it’s by far one of the most popular networks to use to bring display ads to your site. If you are using AdSense, and you’re using WordPress as well, then there’s a plugin for you that will make it super easy to manage AdSense ads straight from the comfort of your very own WordPress dashboard.

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This plugin is called Google AdSense by BestWebSoft, and it’s here to make your AdSense management a whole lot easier. With this plugin you can quickly and easily insert ads into just about any page, post, or widget on your site. Places where ads can be inserted easily using this plugin include: pages, posts, widgets, search results, home page, custom post types, and category and tag pages. You can even use the plugin to change the positioning of the ad and determine if you’d like it to appear before or after the content.

The plugin is fully integrated with your Google AdSense account, so it lets you retrieve existing ads and ad code from your account. You can also use it to add custom code to your ad zones. Plus, it includes multi-lingual support. There’s also a premium version of this plugin that allows you to easily change the position of the ads from relative or static to fixed, so that the ads always stay on the same place on the page, no matter how much or which way the user scrolls. The premium version also lets you choose to display the ads within content after the first paragraph or after a random one.

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage the AdSense ads for your entire site straight from your WordPress dashboard, this plugin is definitely the way to. It’s easy to use, super simple to install, and is feature rich enough to give you a lot of control over your AdSense ads without having to interact directly with any code.


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