In the EU, it’s law that if your website uses cookies, you have to clearly notify your users of this fact. For those of us in the States who may be unaware of this law, or even of what browser cookies are, here’s a quick rundown: browser cookies are text files that are saved by a user’s browser that contain information regarding a user’s web browsing history and web page visits. Cookies are commonly used to help target programmatic ads to a user, among other things. Because browser cookies save your own personal web browsing habits and information, the EU has regulations that state that if your site uses cookies, you’re obligated to let your users know.

Many sites choose to notify their users with a popup message that appears subtly on the top or bottom of a webpage. These can be custom built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but if you’ve got a WordPress site, there’s actually a plugin that can handle building the notification for you — it’s called the Cookie Notice plugin by dFactory.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 8.59.23 AM

The Cookie Notice plugin gives you a lot of flexibility over your cookie notification. The plugin allows you to customize the cookie message in your own words. It also gives you the options to redirect your users to a specified page about cookie information, if they want to learn more about browser cookies. You can customize the position of the notification box, animate the message box, choose the style of the buttons that appear within the message box, etc. You can set text and background colors as well. You can also give your users the option to accept or reject functional cookies.

If you’re looking to comply with the EU regulations for regarding cookies, or even if you’re outside of the EU but still want to let your users know what’s up, this plugin has got you covered with just about everything you need in terms of  notifying your users about cookie use on your website.

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