One of the best features of WordPress is that it allows administrators to use shortcodes to insert dynamic content or features into your pages, posts, and widget areas without actually having to write any code. This makes it super easy for people who aren’t developers (or even people who aren’t tech savvy) to enhance their sites just by using the copy and paste feature. The Shortcodes Ultimate plugin allows administrators to use shortcodes to “supercharge” their themes by easily adding buttons, tabs, sliders, etc to your site only by using shortcodes — no coding necessary.

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Shortcodes Ultimate provides you with over 40 really useful shortcodes to help make your WordPress site more professional and expand its functionality. The shortcodes available include drop quotes, highlights, headers, accordion lists, etc, and they’re all fully responsive. The plugin not only allows you to add these features into your site easily, but it also gives you the ability to customize them. So for example, you can choose the sizes, shapes, and colors of your buttons on your intuitive and interactive dashboard before the shortcode is generated that will allow you to add them to your sites. Add the shortcodes to any of your pages, posts, or widget areas and within minutes you can greatly increase the functionality of your sites. There are also expansion packs available for purchase that provide you with even more shortcode action to supercharge your theme even further. The plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes (including free AND premium themes), so all you need to do is install it onto your site and you should be good to go — it’s a great way to make a free theme behave like a premium theme, which typically have much more functionality and a more unique style.

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