It seems like just about every website owner and operator on the planet uses Google Analytics to monitor the traffic patterns and behavior on their websites. This is for good reason, because Google Analytics is awesome, easy to use, and super informative. If you have a WordPress site that you want to seamlessly integrate with you Google Analytics account, there are dozens of free WordPress plugins that will do it for you, but today we’re going to talk about the Analytics plugin from MonsterInsights, aptly titled Google Analytics for WordPress

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What’s so great about MonsterInsights’ analytics plugin is that it’s both powerful and super easy to use. It might even have a better user experience than (dare we say it?) the other most popular Google Analytics plugin available for WordPress. MonsterInsights boasts an easy setup that should take only minutes to complete, so you can be on your way to tracking your users’ behavior from the comfort of your site’s own WordPress dashboard in seconds. Like other comparable plugins, you’ll need access to a verification key from Google Analytics to get the plugin going.

Other cool features include things like universal tracking, so you can follow and track your users across all different sorts of devices and platforms, and page-level analytics, which allow you to see how each of your pages stack up against the others in terms of traffic and user behavior. The plugin even has an eCommerce addon that you can use if your eCommerce functionality uses WooCommerce. You can also use the plugin to take advantage of other cool Google Analytics features, like link tracking, file download tracking, author tracking, events tracking, referral tracking, and a bunch more.

Monster Insights is all about ease of use and user experience, so if that’s important to you, it’s a great option for bringing Google Analytics to your site. Also the eCommerce integration with WooCommerce is a huge plus if that happens to apply to you or your WordPress site. Overall, it’s a great option that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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