If you're new to WordPress and have never done it before, don't be apprehensive -- creating a custom page template for your site is easier than you might think. Most themes come with a default page file (page.php) that contains the default page ... Read Further ➟

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Are you looking to add support on your WordPress site for another (or maybe several other) languages? It's possible to add this support yourself, if you happen to be proficient enough in any of the languages you'd like your site to support, but even ... Read Further ➟

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If your WordPress site is a blog or a news source, chances are that you may want to display featured posts, or posts that are pinned to the top of the home page above the post feed. By using featured posts, you can make sure that your most important ... Read Further ➟

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The code for tables can be a pain to write out, even for experienced developers. It's not that the code for tables is particularly complex or hard to understand, it can just be a tedious process to code one from scratch, especially if the table in ... Read Further ➟

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If you've got a social media presence (and let's face it, in 2017, just about everyone does), chances are you'd like to link to it on your website. You can create your own social media buttons using CSS or create images from scratch, and you can even ... Read Further ➟

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If you’ve got a portfolio site that you’re running through WordPress, chances are that you’re going to want to add a lot of your professional details to the site. An easy way to do this is to integrate your portfolio site with LinkedIn, where you ... Read Further ➟

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If you’re in the mood to add a little flair to your WordPress pages and posts in the name of Valentine’s Day, the Valentine’s Day Hearts Plugin is probably perfect for you.  The way it works is really simple. The plugin is easy to install, and ... Read Further ➟