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If your site has a decent amount of traffic, chances are that you're monetizing that traffic in some way, be it with sponsored posts, affiliate links, or display ads. If you're using display ads, chances are that you're probably using Google¬†AdSense ... Read Further ➟

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A lot of websites have a dedicated content page where users can go to figure out how and where to contact the website owners or operators. This is a pretty standard function of web user experience. Sometimes, though, you might want to make your ... Read Further ➟

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In the EU, it's law that if your website uses cookies, you have to clearly notify your users of this fact. For those of us in the States who may be unaware of this law, or even of what browser cookies are, here's a quick rundown: browser cookies are ... Read Further ➟

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If English isn't your first language, or if you speak English but aren't super fluent of proficient, trying to learn WordPress can be like trying to learn two new languages: WordPress/PHP and English. Unfortunately, there's not really a shortcut for ... Read Further ➟

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No one likes to migrate sites. It can be time consuming, it can be a pain, and, worst case scenario, something could go horribly wrong and you could end up with a big problem on your hands. In short: it's not fun. Even if it goes well, it's still ... Read Further ➟

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It seems like just about every website owner and operator on the planet uses Google Analytics to monitor the traffic patterns and behavior on their websites. This is for good reason, because Google Analytics is awesome, easy to use, and super ... Read Further ➟

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If you've got a WordPress site and you're looking for a good alternative to MailChimp, the free plugin MailPoet is a great option. MailPoet is a plugin that allows you to create newsletters, automated emails, post notifications and autoresponders. It ... Read Further ➟