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Ever wish there was an easier way to change the order of your pages or the hierarchy of custom post types on your WordPress dashboard? Wish no more, because now there is a super easy way to accomplish this. With the Simple Page Ordering┬áplugin, you ... Read Further ➟

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Adding mobile support for your WordPress site isn't easy if your theme isn't already responsive or mobile friendly. Your options are to either start over with a new theme, or to start modifying your existing theme, which can take a lot of time and ... Read Further ➟

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Adding maps to your websites can be super helpful in letting your users know where you're located. If your website represents your physical business that has an address you want your users to visit, this is a good thing (if you don't want people to ... Read Further ➟

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One of the absolute best things about WordPress is that, as a WordPress user, you have access to hundreds of free, beautiful, responsive, and super functional themes. But even with all of these options available, there are definitely times when we ... Read Further ➟

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Interested in learning how to easily backup database tables? It's always a good idea to have backups of your WordPress database. And even if you do have backups, it's not the worst idea to have backups of your backups. If executing manual WordPress ... Read Further ➟

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One of the great things about WordPress is that there are so many free plugins available for anyone to install and use on their person WordPress sites without having to pay a cent. But sometimes there are plugins that add functionalities to your site ... Read Further ➟