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A great way to boost your traffic, increase your engagement, and lower your bounce rate is to have a widget or a plugin that suggests "related posts" to your user that could appear either beneath or to the side of your WordPress posts. Here are 3 of ... Read Further ➟

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One of the great things about WordPress is that you're never more than a few clicks away from adding a new, intuitive, stylish and functional feature to your site. The PDF viewer plugin is no exception, allowing you to add a really lightweight way to ... Read Further ➟

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Facebook's Pixel feature is a really useful tool that essentially uses browser cookies to help target your promoted ads on Facebook to users who have already visited your site(s) and as a result are probably more likely to respond to your ad. Pixel ... Read Further ➟

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If you're looking for a way to add some responsive organization to your WordPress site, adding tabs to your site is a great way to organize your content in a clean and effective way. By using tabs, you can include so much different information on a ... Read Further ➟

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Sometimes just being on top of the updates for your WordPress blog can feel like a full time job. Between the frequent plugin updates and the new versions of WordPress being released, it can be overwhelming to handle all of this on your own -- ... Read Further ➟

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Since it's been a while since Facebook has introduced their reactions feature, it's now possible to add the same variety of┬áreactions to your WordPress posts, so your users can not just "like" your content, but they can let you know if they love it, ... Read Further ➟

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For a lot of WordPress users, the default WP login page probably suffices. But sometimes you might want to spice things up with your own design, logo, or colors. Having a custom designed login page can also be helpful if you use WordPress as a ... Read Further ➟