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Sometimes when you upload an image to WordPress, it shows up in your media library upside down or sideways, even though it displays right side up on your computer. Because WordPress doesn't have a native image rotating feature within the media ... Read Further ➟

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Adding a Pinterest "Pin It" button to your site makes it super easy for your users to pin your images or pages, effectively sharing them through their Pinterest page. This not only makes it simple for your users who also use Pinterest to bookmark ... Read Further ➟

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Tabbed content is a trendy way to efficiently organize content on your web pages. Basically, the concept is to include a lot of concept on one page, but have it take up the least amount of space as possible, which can be achieved easily by breaking ... Read Further ➟

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The holiday season is fast approaching! If you want to add some festive cheer to your WordPress site, check out any of the 5 free holiday plugins below: 1. Tribulant Snow Storm   This plugin adds a festive snow effect to your ... Read Further ➟

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With the holiday season right around the corner, many WordPress developers may be looking to add a little holiday cheer to their themes. The Festively theme is named specifically for its festive winter holiday design. The default theme colors and red ... Read Further ➟

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The WordPress Video Player plugin is one of the most popular plugins for adding videos to your site. Not only does this plugin help you manage and upload your videos to your WordPress site, but it also organizes them for you as well. With this ... Read Further ➟

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WP Colorbox is a simple, lightweight plugin that allows you to add lightbox effects to your WordPress site. With WP Colorbox, you can add lightbox to images, videos, inline HTML elements, or custom content.   The plugin allows you to ... Read Further ➟