In WordPress the post,page,category and tag will be automatically assigned some unique ID.Though its not much important for a normal user but will be helpful in customizing the WordPress.

For example category ID will be useful when excluding a Posts of Particular Category from Front Page and may other WordPress customization.In this post I am going to show you how to get ID of post,page,category and tag.

Getting Post and Page ID

From WordPress Dashboard go to Posts >> All Posts or Pages >> All Pages and edit the Post or Page you want to find the ID.Whenever you edit the Post or Page,Look at the URL bar of your browser and post ID will be represented as post.php?post=2744,In which 2744 is the ID of the particular post.


Getting Category and Tag ID

From WordPress Dashboard go to Posts >> Categories or Posts >> Tags and edit the Category or Tag you want to find the ID.When you edit,note down the ID in URL bar of your browser.

Its will be represented as category&tag_ID=87 In which 87 is the ID.


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