Looking to start a new WordPress blog ? You have come to a right place.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform which powers more than 15% of the websites on Internet.WordPress is also the easiest to use blogging platform even though it offers rich and sophisticated features.WordPress helps to build a professional website without much effort and cost.

There are plenty of resources around the web to learn about WordPress but its scattered too much.So,Here we made a series of guides on How to Use WordPress which helps beginners to get started with WordPress.

Here is list of WordPress How to guides to enlighten you about WordPress.If you are very new to WordPress then read it in order,else you can directly jump to other parts.

#1 What is WordPress and Why to use it : How to Use WordPress 

This guide will give you a clear picture of WordPress and answer why millions of sites runs on WordPress.Some of the common questions about WordPress answered here are

  • What is WordPress
  •  Is it Free
  •  Whats is the Cost of using WordPress

And also 7 reasons Why you need to go for WordPress and leave all other blogging platforms.

#2 WordPress Hosting Reviews – Finding the best WordPress Hosting Service 

Now you have decided to go with WordPress,Lets move on to next step.Buying Domain name and Web Hosting.Here is comprehensive guide that helps to choose a perfect Hosting package for you

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