Today WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and rapidly evolving as a popular CMS also,The popularity of WordPress is mainly due to its intuitive admin interface and features that are easy to learn.

Though the features available in WordPress is very less compared to other CMS’s like Drupal and Joomla,These features are well documented and very easy to learn for noob’s,but still there are features that is not known by most of the WordPress users.

Though many of these features are not relavent for everyone its better to know them and can be occasionally sed,So here I wrote an article to unlock those hidden features to a normal user.


1. Scheduling the Posts

In WordPress you can set a date and time to individual posts so that it will be published automatically in a give time,this feature is called post scheduling.For example an Indian blogger with large number of audience from US can schedule his post 12 hours late so that it matches his audience time zone.

Similarly If you change a publish time for a old post it will be automatically promoted in a post timeline,With this you can repost your old articles that hasn’t received much attention in past.

Here is how you can schedule a post.

While editing a post you can see a publish tab besides or underneath the editor.Incase it is not open click on the tab to open it.

Now you can see a field called  “ Publish Immediately ” ,Click on the Edit option,Set the date, click OK and publish. [see screenshots below]


Click on Edit option


Set the schedule date.

2. Post visibility : Password protected and Private post

Sometimes you might want to display the posts to registered members or to users who has the password access.In that case WordPress post visibility feature can be used.

There are three kinds of visibility options

  • Public post – A normal post which can be viewed by anyone
  • Password protected post – User with the correct password can view the content
  • Private post – Only the users who are registered to your website can see the content

Creating a password protected content

Like we did in post scheduling you will be having a option called “Visibility:Public” in publish tab.Click edit option and set the password.

Now publish the content and visit the published post from another browser.You can see a password field to unlock it.


Creating Password Protected post

Creating Private Post

In publish tab select the option “Private” instead of selecting “Password Protected“. [see the screenshot]


Select Provate option to create a private post.

You can check the content by browsing though another bowser.

3. QuickPress

QuickPress is a little app that can be used to publish post from WordPress Dashboard itself (Instad of creating via Posts options ). [ see screenshot ]

You can visit Dashboard through Admin options >> Dashboard >> Home

Quick Press

Quick Press

Most of you might saw this feature but dont know how to use it.I personally use this for pitching new blog post idea.Every time I think of new idea I save it as draft from dashboard itself.Very useful feature for busy bloggers.

4. Post revisions

I wrote a complete guide on using this feature in my previous article : All you need to know about : Post Revisions in WordPress ,So I wont be discussing again here.Just a small recap :

Post revisions are like backup for your post,every time you update a article it will be saved as a separate copy which can be restored easily.This is an integrated WordPress feature and very easy to learn it.

5. Press This

I must say this is the very rarely used WordPress feature but quiet useful if you publish news contents.

Press this is a small booklet which can be used to Quote a text,Images and videos from a webpage.This might be little confusing to some peoples,So here is how you can use it.

1. Make sure that you have enabled Bookmarks bar,If not chrome users follow this tutorial and Firefox users visit here.

2.Now go to Dashboard  >>  Tools >> Available Tools.You can find a “Press this” bookmarklet.Drag it and place it your bookmarks bar.


Place Press This bookmarklet in browser bookmarks bar

3. Now go to any webpage,Select any text  and click on Press this bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar.

Thats it now you might have redirected to new post option where your selected text will be quoted along with the source link.

Did you enjoy it ?

In this article,I just gave everything that I can give.Now I expect some feedback from you.You might have liked some feature and others might not be really useful to you, anyway share what you think about this article.

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    I have almost used every feature of WordPress that you have mentioned in your post. But As far as I am concerned post scheduling didn’t work correctly. So I use Editorial calender to schedule my post for future publishing.

    But I like the way you have presented the feature , Thanks a lot vivek. Do share information like this

    Thanks & Regards
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