No one likes to migrate sites. It can be time consuming, it can be a pain, and, worst case scenario, something could go horribly wrong and you could end up with a big problem on your hands. In short: it’s not fun. Even if it goes well, it’s still incredibly stressful. If you have to migrate a WordPress site, there is a plugin that can make the overall (still generally un-fun) experience a little less nerve wracking. That plugin is called the All-in-One WP Migration, and it’s here to make all of our lives just a little bit easier.

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The plugin makes it super easy for you to export your WordPress database, media files, plugins, and themes. The plugin is fully compatible with all PHP hosting providers because it doesn’t rely on any extensions, and the plugin imports and exports data in chunks of 3 seconds, so the actions are kept well below the max execution time that most servers set — this means you won’t time out while trying to do an export or import. Importing the data in chunks also helps to bypass any size restrictions that a server might have.

The plugin has support for any MySQL driver, and is supported on dozens of hosting providers, including all of the most popular, like GoDaddy, BlueHost, WP Engine, and so many more. Another cool feature of the All-in-One WP Migration is that it allows you to apply unlimited find/replace functions on your database, and it will fix any serialization problems that you might run into as a result of those find/replace functions. This plugin has really got your back. Best of all, though, is how easy the plugin is to use. Of course, when you’re migrating a site, coding experience is definitely a must. But with All-in-One WP Migration’s straightforward prompts and clean, easy to navigate design, even those with very little code experience could probably handle the migration alright.

If you’re looking for an easier way to move your WordPress site to a new server, look no further. This method is a great way to go.

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