If you’ve got a WordPress site and you’re looking for a good alternative to MailChimp, the free plugin MailPoet is a great option. MailPoet is a plugin that allows you to create newsletters, automated emails, post notifications and autoresponders. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress and allows you to easily do cool, dynamic things, like add posts and/or images from your WordPress site into any newsletter with their handy drag & drop newsletter building feature.

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MailPoet has a lot of redeeming qualities that make it a fierce competitor for MailChimp, and not just that it integrates so well and so easily with WordPress. As we already mentioned, the plugin has a drag & drop feature to help you build out your newsletters. Design features like colors and fonts are easily changed and customizable. You can use the plugin to automatically send out your latest posts, or to set autoresponders, which for example can be used to send a welcome email to someone a set number of days after they subscribe to your site.

The plugin also comes with a subscription widget that you can ad to your site to help collect emails and subscribers, and you can customize your subscription form using the aforementioned drag & drop feature. Email newsletter templates are mobile friendly and should look uniformly great across all browsers and email clients, from Outlook to Gmail and everything in between. Best of all, there are over 70 customizable themes to choose from when creating a new email template. Doesn’t get much easier and more convenient than that. As with many WordPress plugins, you can totally use MailPoet easily, even if you’ve got no coding experience, although coding experience certainly does help if you want to get really involved and specific with your customizations. If you want a free, WordPress friendly way to get your email newsletter on, MailPoet is a fabulous way to go about getting that done.

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