Does anybody like working with databases? Database optimization can be grueling and tedious work, and if something goes wrong it has the potential to seriously mess up your site. On the other hand, everyone can benefit from┬áhaving a clean database — clean databases lead to more efficient and fast sites. In WordPress in particular, it’s important to clean up the database every so often because every time a new post or page is started, versions of the posts and pages in question are saved to the database automatically, even though the only one you need as a WordPress writer, editor, or admin, is usually the most recently saved version. All these extra saved versions of pages and posts can take up a lot of space in your DB, which is why it’s a really good deal to have some sort of method for cleaning and optimizing your site. So what’s a WordPress developer to do when it’s time to optimize their database, but they don’t want to actually do the work of writing their own media queries and hoping all goes well? That’s where WP-Optimize comes in.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 1.20.47 PM


WP-Optimize optimizes (duh) your WordPress site to make sure its running as efficiently as possible by removing all unnecessary data from the database, allowing you to compact/de-fragment tables with the simple push of a button, schedules weekly automatic clean-up sweeps, and performs optimizations without the need to write any queries at all (this is the best part). The plugin makes space in your database quickly, easily, and most importantly — safely, with no risk of losing your data from a media query gone wrong. If you’re looking for a fast, efficient way to clean up your database and improve the performance of your site, WP-Optimize is totally the way to go.

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