Nowadays bloggers give attractive freebies such as Ebooks and podcasts,which attracts the crowd and ultimately increase the email list subscribers.

For Managing these kind of digital downloads we can employ some awesome WordPress plugins which can make the life easier.

WordPress Download Manager


Best of its kind with huge list of power packed features like Password Protection,simple download counter,access levels based on user roles, shortcodes for easy download etc.

Must have plugin if you are managing too many digital files. [ Download Here ]

Easy Digital Downloads


A plugin which helps you to make money through your digital files.Now to sell your digital files you dont need to run behind websites like E-junkie.

It offers most of the features that any premium E-commerce script offers.some of the features are Integrated Paypal Gateways,Payment history,Digital cart and promotional code feature.

A Must have plugin if you are serious about selling your digital files. [ Download Here ]

Simple Download Monitor

A lightweight plugin to track the download counts.You need to manually create a downloads directory though FTP and It acts as a counter for files uploaded in that directory.  [ Download Here ]

Combo of  WP Document Revisions and Simple Downloads


The former plugin will help you manage the documents of any kind with features like document revisions and access based downloads.The later plugin will add some extra layer of features like simple download counter,download icon and additional widgets.  [ Download Here  + Download Here  ]

SS Downloads

This plugin is very useful for capturing emails of the users in exchange with your digital downloads.The plugin is very simple to use you just need to embed a short code where you will be giving a download url of the file.  [ Download Here ]

WP-Filebase Download Manager


This plugin will impress you with its unique capabilities like reading ID3 tags from digital files such as MP3 files and some popular image formats like JPEG.It also has features like Hot link protection and setting bandwidth limits.  [ Download Here ]

Download Manager MS

Just another WordPress plugin for managing digital downloads.  [ Download Here ]

Bottom Line

Now its entirely upto you to select the plugin which suits your needs.Remember that there is no point in going with feature rich plugins if your needs are too simple.

So Act wisely.


  1. Emma Thompson says


    Thanks for the post.

    Do any of these work with mailpoet plugin for capturing emails?

    I am looking for plugin that works with it as that’s what I use for my email list.


  2. says


    nice site. which of the above do you recommend if one wants a place to store sold items for easy access for purchasers? do any of these plugins have user with unique password (for each) access privileges?

    thanx in advance,

  3. says

    There’s a good list of plugins here. I prefer to use a membership based plugin for digital products making it easier for a) clients to remember the download page (they are more likely to bookmark it) and b) easier for me to update the members area with new stuff as it comes out.

  4. says

    I belive that installing too many plugins is not good . I think we can do the same just by uploading the file to our host and linking it to our blog

    Just my opinion . :)

    • says

      Actually Installing many plugins doesn’t decrease the performance…the plugins which are poorly coded and makes too many database queries only slows down your website.

      In that case you can use plugin “Simple Download Monitor” since doesn’t make any database queries.

      Also this article explores the possible plugins which will be useful when you are managing digital files,having knowledge about the download counts actually helps to build a content strategy.So if you need it use it otherwise no use in just installing them.
      Vivek R recently posted…10 Rocking WordPress Plugins that you might have missedMy Profile

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