Nowadays,WordPress blogs are getting hacked is ver often,But WordPress cannot be blamed for this.Yes,not even by an inch.Its you who dont take care of your blog.

Surprised !!! No,You know this fact already,Isn’t it ?

In this post we will discuss various aspects of this story and try to get conclusion.

Why WordPress is most targeted ?

Isn’t it easier to target a bigger object than a smaller one,Common sense,right.WordPress has been used by more than 22% of the total websites in Internet.So obviously WordPress is the prime target for hackers.

Recent Technorati survey points that 52% of the top 100 blogs uses WordPress.So that confirms the theory.

Bonus fact : About 500,000 posts are produced everyday through WordPress and about 20,000 people are making money from WordPress for their living.(including me)

How WordPress blogs are hacked ?

WordPress blogs are hacked because of these four reasons

  • WebHost and your infected computer
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Passwords


Yes,if your blog got hacked then definitely your WebHosting provider suckzzzz.WebHosting and Malware infected computers account for more than 41% of the hacks.You need to choose a trusted web hosting provider,If you can spend some money then I would suggest you to go for Managed WordPress Hosting.

Actually I wrote a detailed guide on Finding the best WordPress Hosting Service.It will surely hep you to settle on a safer side.

Themes and Plugins

You are prime cause in this case.Installing nulled or Free Plugins and Themes from a blackhat forum or untrusted directory is clearly an danger for your blog.Its like voluntarily giving your car key to the thief.

Wise way is,to avoid those free and nulled WordPress plugins and themes.But if you are aware of what you are doing then at least take some security measures like removing Malicious code in nulled or Free WordPress Themes and Plugins.


Almost every major website implemented Two step authentication system,but when comes to your blog you dont need to go that far but you have to takes some preventive measures from your side.

How to avoid getting WordPress blog Hacked


  1. says

    My wordpress blog also got hacked because I implemented a free theme to it and . very hardly recover it . But Still facing problem . Some one is adding links to my site Head section . Will you tell he how to solve the problem .

  2. says

    There are some corrections on this article.
    About few months ago, VaultPress had introduced a Lite Package that only cost $5 per month. This is great for bloggers with small budget.

    Secondly, you linked to VaultPress instead of CodeGuard.

    Those paid services such as VaultPress, CodeGuard and etc store your blog in external server which is good. In case your blog got hacked and the hacker erase all your data, you’re still safe. BackUpWP, on the other hand, although it’s free, you need to pay with your own money for Amazon server etc to store your backup.

    Luckily, I use a hosting that provides me with daily backups. That’s a good this since I don’t have to spend any extra penny.
    Rudd recently posted…How to Add Ajaxified Login Form to Sidebar in WordPressMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks for pointing out the mistakes.I have corrected those.

      Yeah,I agree that you need to purchase Amazon Cloud service or other cloud storage,Backing up in same server is of no use.

      Which webhost do you use ? I want to migrate WPStuffs to new webhost.


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