If you want to easily secure your WordPress site’s login feature against hackers or an attack, you’re in luck: there’s a plugin for that. The Loginizer plugin’s main purpose is to protect your WordPress site against a hack attack. One of its best features is that it automatically will block the IP address of any user who tries and fails to login to your WordPress site after the maximum amount of tries has been reached (the max number is up to you). You can also use the plugin to blacklist or whitelist certain IP address if you’re trying to keep any specific users out (or make sure that certain users can get in, even after they mess up their password a few times in a row).

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 2.58.17 PM


Other features of this helpful plugin include an extended lockout after maximum login attempts are reached, email notifications sent to admin when someone reaches the max login attempts. The plugin also gives you access to a log of failed attempts so that you can keep your eye out for any patterns of strange actions or behavior that could emerge. There is also a pro version of this plugin, which isn’t free, but if security is very important for you, it may be worth the investment. Features of the Pro version of this plugin include the ability to add a CAPTCHA and/or a challenge question to the login page for added security, the ability to rename the login page (so that the URL isn’t just yoursite.com/wp-admin, and therefore it’s harder to find and try to break into), and two-factor authorization login (this means no one will be able to login without both a password and a code that will be generated and sent to their email each time they log in). If you’re looking a way to beef up security on your site, the free and pro versions of this plugin are both great options, depending on what exactly your security needs are.

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