I hate subscribing comments in WordPress Powered blogs…Because every time someone replies to the same article I will be notified.As a blogger I leave my opinions in various blogs so I get lot of emails regarding other comments,which is not relavent to me.

Today I was happened to read this Reddit post which again discuss the same problem I mentioned above.This time I went on to find the solution for this problem and here is what I end up with.

Send email only on Reply to My Comment is a plugin which exactly solves the problem I was facing (Also most of you).Its very simple to use and there is no settings to configure this plugin.

I recommend this plugin for blogs which receives hell a lot of comments and which still uses default WordPress Comment system.

You can read this article to learn more about this plugin.

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[mybox] Note that you can’t use this plugin along with plugin called “subscribe-to-comments-reloaded”.

Also ReplyMe plugin is a good alternative but it is depreciated by its developers 2 years back so you can’t expect it to be compatible with future WordPress Updates[/mybox]


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      Yes,I use this plugin and I wont recommend plugins without using them…As you can see the checkbox states “Notify via Email Only if someone replies to My Comment” by checking it you will only get comments which is replied to you.

      I think now I need to remove the other checkbox called “Notify me of follow-up comments by email.”

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