Ever wondered why WordPress is so popular among bloggers ?

Yeah,you guessed it right…Short learning curve and support by WordPress community.Unlike other CMS like Drupal,Joomla. You don’t need to learn rocket science to manage a WordPress powered blog.

WordPress has Plugin for everything and Themes for everyones need. [Tweet this]

But Still there are some most common errors that occur in WordPress which makes you look silly.

Actually It is not WordPress,It is you who make those errors.Personally I made several mistakes and felt silly several times.I even scared of getting my blog dead by errors like The White Screen Death, Database connectivity error and Server load time error.

Guess what I did ?? Reached out for WordPress Support community and many brainy peoples out there managed to get my problem solved.Once,I even got my Widgets below the footer and this time I just simply changed the theme.(For which I still feel silly)

Here is a very much readable and informative infographic by Copyblogger media which lists 15 most common WordPress Errors that can make you and me look silly.

15 WordPress User Errors That Make You Look Silly [Infographic]

Like this infographic? Get more WordPress publishing content from Copyblogger.


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