Studiopress have introduced a new CDN like service called Studiopress Accelerator for WordPress blogs, On first glance I thought it as a some sort of premium caching plugin but when explored more I found that its more like a integrated CDN and DNS service.

They call it as  “highly efficient, full-page caching solution that is built on high-end hardware featuring SSD drives and smart, event-driven software that is designed with full-page caching in mind.”. We have seen many WordPress only services in last few years like Managed WordPress hosting but this seems to be something new from the surface but at the core seems more like a sub feature that many managed WordPress hosting providers already provides.

Though I haven’t tried it yet but I am not sold out by the technical insight they gave, There were mention about SSD disks and specially designed softwares but that doesn’t satisfy someone who is technically inclined. For example this blog hosted on Digital Ocean SSD disks but costs are much lesser than what studiopress quoted in their pricing page.

I don’t want to spark a debate by dismissing their product blindly but a bit more insights about their technology may convince more users. Also I don’t see any distinctions between them and other CDN providers like Amazon AWS other than calling it as a WordPress only service.

I did a quick monthly price calculation for Amazon AWS S3 cloud storage, Cloud front (CDN service) and Route 53 (Premium DNS service) and surprisingly the cost was way less than ($7) the StudioPress Accelerator ($10). The calculation was for blog which gets about 5 Million monthly GET requests and 5GB of outgoing bandwidth and the cost is based on your traffic and I think that makes more sense than the flat monthly fee. I feel AWS setup will prove to be much faster and reliable than the StudioPress Accelerator but again I know its too early to call it off, Need to come up with some solid stats to backup my views.


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    How it compares to CloudFlare? Actually I host some busy sites on nginx plus APCache behind the Free and PRO (paid) CloudFlare plans.

    I don’t mind paying for better performance, but it has the same security measures from CF?


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    Studiopress Accelerator for WordPress” is not anything really like a CDN at all if you want to equate it to anything equate it to Pagely offering a caching service to people in the UK or wanting to have a faster site there.

    a content delivery network is much more complex than a digital ocean-based caching server. This is something that you have to choose one point or POP if people want speed in whatever area is offered by this accelerator they would be better off spending USD15 a month on get flywheel a managed WordPress post that uses digital ocean and gives you a full SSD there everywhere you can add a caching server sorry accelerator and absolutely not is it a replacement for quality hosting it is a Band-Aid and a bad one at that.

    Varnish and Nginx “when configured as a reverse proxy server” do the same thing. Companies like Fastly deliver much higher quality services at much lower prices.

    if you do not like where your origin server is and do not know of a company called Digital Ocean or Getflywheel now you do. You can simply utilize a strong VPS in an area of your choice WP engine allows you to do this as well. Synthesis is apparenty going to offer this as an add-on when it is what they are using already. In some cases Upgrade a company I have suggested or Pagley, Pressable, if you want complete control Linode is a fantastic company that is very fast. If you want the most secure FireHost or Terremark will do wonders.

    This is good if you have an existing server that needs to have a cached copy of the site in a different part of the world. But it is not a replacement for crap hosting. The real value would be if it were capable of making the site just as quick in every area, but it focuses on one–you purchase the upgrade on synthesis.

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    Hope this was helpful,

    CDN like service called blogs, On first

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    I have to agree that there are many other solutions out there for WordPress using DNS and CDN technology, including CloudFlare which has a free service. I agree that there needs to be more information about the technology being used. I guess we will see later down the road more info about this new service.

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    While it cannot be denied that more details are required for the technically inclined, I think this precisely is the USP of Accelerator – that it is easy for a non-tech person to setup. Even many so-called tech experts balk at setting up the services on Amazon AWS which on the other hand is a dream place for geeks. And hence the premium pricing…its not much, although I see that it is introductory pricing which implies that there is going to be a hike.

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    Hi Vivek,
    New look for WPStuffs is awesome, BTW thanks for the info Studio press is just into the business with its CDN services so it might take some time for improvements and of course as you said it might not be a match for amazon at this point of time.

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      Thanks, The theme was in development for several months and even I finished it before a month or so but couldn’t get the time to update it.

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    I have to agree with you here- very lite on actual details. After checking their offering I’ve decided to stay with Max CDN or the still free Google Pagespeed Service.

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