If you are a Woocommerce users then you know that Woocommerce provides a random ID/number to orders. For example, In below screenshot you can notice the random change in order ID/numbers.

Random product ID/number

Random product ID/number

The order ID/Number is determined by dynamically, Every order is stored in post table so post table ID is used as order ID/Number. Having sequential order number actually helps easy store management, If you are using Bank deposit payment options then order ID/number is required to be set as payment reference.

To set order numbers in sequential then install the following Woocommerce plugin – WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers

There is no settings for this plugin. If your store doesn’t have any previous orders then the order ID/number will start from #1 and increase sequentially. If your store already has some orders then the subsequent orders will increase order ID/number from the last order before activating the plugin. For example in my case it was $150 and next orders increased sequentially from #150. See the screenshot below

Sequential product ID/numbers

Sequential product ID/numbers

Hope that helps, If you have any queries let me know through comments below.


  1. says

    Hi, Today in my woo commerce platform every order gets registred and gets a number. Even the ones that never goes all the way to payment (pending) And every new bloggpost gets reigistred as a number as well.
    Will this plugin ONLY give ordernumbers to the orders that goes through and pays for?

    If not, then the ordernumbers will still have gaps becourse of the pending/not finished orders and the other posts?

    I need to find a plugin that helps me with problem. In Sweden orders has to be in sequential order.

    Best regards


  2. says

    This is great article about woocommerce configuration, and providing step by step setup guide.i want to start a shopping portal, and i am use this plugin in my website. thanks for nice post


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