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Just read is a free Genesis child theme which integrates the features of Tumblr (WordPress post formats) with the minimalistic design of of Quora blogs.

Features Included

Minimalistic doesn’t mean featureless, In fact Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Here is a list of features bundled with Just read

Post format integration (Tumblog)

WordPress introduced a feature called Post formats in version 3.1. Which integrates various post formats like standart post entry, quote, audio, video etc.

Mobile Responsive

A design is considered incomplete if it doesn’t render well on mobile devices, Just read comes with elegant mobile responsive design which focuses on more readability yet retaining the essence of original design . You can test drive Mobile responsive feature here.

Minimalistic and Lightweight

We stripped every non essential features and widgets to make it light weight and thus faster.

Landing Page

Just read also comes with custom landing page template, You can use it to build a custom conversion page.


I must thank few people who indirectly helped me to make this theme.

Future Updates

I welcome designers who are interested in helping me on enriching this theme.You can fork this theme on Github here. I have few plans to extend this theme, like adding portfolio.Other features will be announced as work progresses.

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You need to purchase parent theme framework Genesis Framework to use this theme

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