Wordpress-powered-tech-blogsAfter Two years of journey with WordPress,I must admit that : Yep,I love WordPress.There is no reason for any one to hate this Simplistic and Powerful blogging platform which will soon be referred as best CMS.

Currently WordPress powers millions of blogs and Its is estimated that around 20% of the websites in Internet runs on WordPress.From a hobbyists blog to blog which earns millions,everywhere you can find the influence of WordPress.

Inorder to understand how deeply the WordPress has rooted in Internet,I managed to make list of 15 17 popular Tech blogs which runs on WordPress platform.

Half of the websites in this list are hosted on WordPress.com VIP service and others runs self hosted WordPress on their own server.

Tech Crunch

One of the most popular and earliest Tech blog which exclusively runs on WordPress.Before moving to WordPress.com VIP service it was powered by self hosted WordPress.


Relatively younger Tech blog than Tech crunch but its showing a rapid growth in recent past.As Tech Crunch it also runs on WordPress.com VIP service.

Hack a Day

Hack a Day is more than a Tech blog and It can be called as Geek blog.Runs on WordPress.com VIP service and has a minimal design.


Its named one of the Top 50 blog by Technorati and visited more then four millions times in a month.This blog too runs of WordPress.com VIP service.


If you are a Gadget lover then you must have heard this name before.Unlike previous four websites Slashgear runs on self hosted WordPress platform.

Here are 10 other popular Tech blogs

  1. TorrentFreak
  2. AllThingsD
  3. Tech Fortune
  4. Digital Inspirations
  5. Make Use Of
  6. gHacks
  7. Space Hack
  8. Boing Boing
  9. TED Blog
  10. Techland (CNN)
  11. Mashable
  12. The Next Web

One simple way to find WordPress blog is,try to login on admin area (http://yourwebsite.com/wp-admin) and If you didn’t get 404 error then it is a WordPress blog.


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    I love wordpress. Its just so simple. So easy. It just WORKS right out of the box! I don’t know that I’ll ever have another CMS I love so much.

    I hate to solicit traffic, but if you guys could check out my blog at teenswithtech.evilgeniustech.com, it would really help! Me and my friends post things we do, stuff we’ve learned, and projects we work on there, and we are looking to grow our audience and post more content based on what they want. If you could just check it out real quick I would be very grateful!

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    Whoa! I didn’t ever cross my mind that TechCrunch and VentureBeat were run on WordPress. I thought they built those themselves because it looked so customized. Great research.

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    There are so many plugins available on wordpress now even woo commerce if your not familiar with the structure of Xen carts etc, You can pretty much get over that with wordpress. Business’s are now dumbing down there websites because they are so much easier to edit and change and business’ need this function these days. I did this with mine. I used to have a HTML site but now we have a blog and our whole team want to use it.

    • says

      I think at the end of the post I have mentioned that Mashable has been shifted from WOrdPress (Let me know If I am wrong ) and the big website which is missing from the list is The Next Web.

        • says

          Great,They added a extra layer of security.When I was writing this article I couldn’t reach to that page(it was taking long time to load).So I assumed they have shifted.Thanks a lot for the mention,I will correct the same.

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