Sometimes you might want to use Tick Marks in in your WordPress pages or posts to emphasize your points. In this tutorial I am going to show how to display  ☐ , ☑ , ✓ , ✔  in WordPress.

Here is a corresponding HTML decimal you need to use

  • ☐ - ☐
  • ☑ - ☑
  • ✓ - ✓
  • ✔ - ✔

In order to use HTML decimal you need to switch to Text tab in WordPress Editor and paste the corresponding HTML decimal code.


Switch back to text mode

For example to show checked box copy and paste the code ☑ by switching back to Text mode in Editor.


  1. says

    Hi Vivek,

    Your “Stay Connected With Us” social sharing bar at the foot of your page is awesome.

    Nice simple effect; where did you get it from? Is it publicly available?


    • says

      Yeah,We dont need to use image for small things like this..There are HTML codes for other symbols also like arrow etc but Tick mark are not a standard symbols and you cant find its HTML code in places like W3schools

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