Adding maps to your websites can be super helpful in letting your users know where you’re located. If your website represents your physical business that has an address you want your users to visit, this is a good thing (if you don’t want people to visit you…maybe don’t include a map on your site). Google Maps makes it pretty easy to embed map code onto just about any page you’d like, but if you’re not comfortable using code, it turns out that there’s a great WordPress plugin option for you to easily embed maps on any of your pages.

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The WP Google Maps Plugin is a lightweight, easy to use plugin that adds Google Maps functionality to your WordPress site quickly and painlessly. You can place a map on just about any page or post using the handy shortcode that the plugin provides (no pesky iFrames necessary), and there’s absolutely no coding required. There’s a free version of the plugin and a premium version, but even the free version allows you to place as many markers as you need onto your maps, and gives you 9 map themes to choose from to customize the look and feel of your map, and try to make sure that it matches your site’s theme and design.

The plugin allows for full screen map functionality and widget map functionality, meaning that you can place the map in a widget zone, which is cool if you want to make sure that your map is easily accessible from any page on your WordPress site. You can also use the plugin to define things like height and width of the map, and the default zoom level. The map plugin also comes with support for Google Maps’ autocomplete functionality.

If you’re looking to add Google Maps to your WordPress site without having to touch any code, this is definitely the best way to go.

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