Up until recently, WordPress and eCommerce haven’t been two things that go hand-in-hand. There are many WordPress themes and plugins that were developed to help WordPress sites support eCommerce functionality, but often introducing your WordPress site to eCommerce is not a seamless transition.

Shopify, one of the leading eCommerce platforms, has finally developed a WordPress plugin that makes adding Shopify eCommerce support to your WordPress site as hassle-free as possible.



The official Shopify plugin allows you to add a buy button anywhere on your site and creates a shopping cart that allows users to securely checkout all without leaving your WordPress site. They’ve even developed a few WordPress themes with Shopify functionalities and buy buttons already installed.

You’ll need a Shopify account to run the plugin, but the Shopify services and ease of use are well-worth the fee, which can be as low as $9/month. If you’ve been looking for a sleek, easy, and secure eCommerce solution for your WordPress site, Shopify’s new plugin is definitely worth giving a try.


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    Here is my view on Shopify plugins, and I use Shopify myself. Whenever someone starts a new eCommerce store, the first thing they want to do is run to the app store and just start installing apps. There are two main issues with this method.
    1.) The apps will start to nickle and dime you. You may not notice right away that $5/month here and $3/month there add up until you get your Shopify invoice.
    2.) The apps slow down your site and make it look cluttered. This is more of a user experience issue, but having too many unnecessary apps can create a poor experience for your customers, when you may believe that it is creating a better experience for them.
    In my opinion, Shopify apps should only be used when you have identified a specific problem, and there is an app that will solve said specific problem. Only then should an app be installed. Running out the gates just installing apps you may think are cool or will make things “better” may actually end up causing more of an issue.
    Just my opinion.
    And for the record I do use Shopify apps in my store, and there are tons of great apps available, just be careful and don’t get too app happy with it!

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