The WordPress Video Player plugin is one of the most popular plugins for adding videos to your site. Not only does this plugin help you manage and upload your videos to your WordPress site, but it also organizes them for you as well. With this plugin, you can create playlists of all your videos and choose your own fully cusomizable player theme for the video playback.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 10.26.09 AM


Playback features include high quality video selection, full-screen options, sharing, shuffle, and more. There’s also a really nice social media sharing feature that’s built in to the plugin,┬áso that your users can easily share your videos on their favorite platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). The plugin is really intuitive as well, and features drag and drop support for changing the order of control buttons, and has super simple options for fully customizing the playback themes. There’s also shortcode support for quickly and easily adding a video or even an entire playlist to a post or page. The player plugin also gives you the option to embed, and offers support for dozens of languages. All of the features mentioned above come with the free version of the plugin, but if you’d like to upgrade to the Pro Version, you’ll have the option of removing the watermark from the player and adding your own in place of it.

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