Few days before I realise that I never explored WordPress fully. Yes, I was searching for a plugin or a code to reverse the comment order, Means showing the newest comments at the top instead of WordPress default comment chronology.

Infact I read many articles regarding the topic but all are too old and recommended some code snippets to add in comments.php or to use few plugins. After some extended research I found that the feature is already integrated with the WordPress core (I felt really really bad). Though one viewpoint I felt stupid, On other I was really happy to see this feature in core.

So if you landed here with same intention of arranging comment order then Bingo, Here is how you can do it.

From your WordPress Dashboard go to Settings >> Discussion. Under Other comment settings you can find a field “Comments should be displayed with the _____ comments at the top of each Page” 

Set that newer to display latest comments at the top or select older to display older comments at the top. Simple isn’t it, Thank you for reading this post. Below you can find the gif to do the same. (Refer WordPress Codex for more info)



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